Under the supervision of Liezel and Tony Huber, both accomplished veterans of the WTA tour as player and coach, the HUBER Tennis | excellence academy offers high performance programs for players who are passionate about the sport, committed to hard work and pursuing excellence in their development. Programs are designed around our Integrated Player Development framework (IPD) to help get better mentally, physically, technically and tactically. We also offer coaching and tools for players support teams (parents, coaches) to ensure development is planned and executed as a team on and off the court.

Integrated Player Development framework

IPD pieWith years of experience at the highest level in competition and coaching, Liezel and Tony realized that the most efficient path to excellence is to develop Tennis players as balanced individuals as early as possible. The objective to the Integrated Player Development (IPD) framework is to support and guide players in achieving this balance, becoming better players, better athletes and better persons.

On your way to accumulating 10,000 hours of hard work, IPD guides and supports you by combining a game-based approach to Tennis skills (focused on developing cognitive and motor skills for better understanding of the game dynamic and decision making), an advanced fitness foundation (agility+footwork+stamina+anticipation) and personal development skills (fighting spirit, managing emotions, managing time and understanding the "now", nutrition). IPD is core to our | excellence Academy program but components of it are introduced and implemented in several other programs taught at HUBER Tennis.

The foundation to IPD is that everything should be objectively measured to allow for baselining of performance, planning of development and measurement of progress. At HUBER Tennis we measure and draw your IPD profile and you are given a score which represents where you stand today (as a player, an athlete and a person), and what your key development areas are. This score allows us to plan specifically what needs to be worked on in the short, medium and longer term to ensure progress. The tools we have developed allow for a graphical representation of your IPD over time so you always know where you are and if the plan works or must be tuned!


You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure

Your IPD Score



Coaching Certification

HUBER Tennis is an exclusive provider of the Pro Tennis Registry (PTR) certification programs. We have lined up several certification workshops for 2016. Have a look and register.

The certification programs are open to coaches but can also be attended by motivated parents! This is a great opportunity to refine parenting skills for Tennis players.

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2016-2017 | excellence + Academics

Sign up for the upcoming | excellence + Academics program. Details available here.

HOMESCHOOLING + Tennis, all day, every day!


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Summer PROgram

ITF, Nationals, Texas Supers and Champs players (Challengers with pre-camp interview).

June 6th-August 19th.

16 players per week max. 

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The Time is Now

Liezel and Tony needed rest from the WTA tour after traveling around the world for months, away from home and family. They used that time to welcome a new addition to the family and reflect on their next ambitions and projects in life and in sport. HUBER Tennis is the result of this reflection. Below are some of the HUBER Tennis components we are launching in 2016.

Integrated Player Development framework

Academy: pro and college programs

HUBER / PTR Coaching certification

Parenting and supporting athletes 101

International Player Exchange

As we gear up to launch the HUBER Tennis experience , you too can be part of a great adventure.

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Feel free to drop by and start training with us at  the > HUBER Tennis Ranch.