Coaching Certification

HUBER Tennis is designing a coaching certification program around our proprietary Integrated Player Development (IPD) framework. This certification will ensure that coaches understand the true value of developing players beyond tennis alone, touching on physical, mental, nutritional, tactical and technical all at the same time and in harmony.

Tony Huber and the coaches at HUBER Tennis team are PTR certified and can assist fellow coaches in getting their PTR (Pro Tennis Registry) certification too.

PTR Workshops at Huber Tennis Ranch

Adult Development Level 1 Certification

Saturday, April 30, 2016 to Sunday, May 1, 2016



Certification Details

$120 • 8 or more days prior to workshop start date
$145 • 7 or fewer days prior to workshop start date
If second, third, fourth or fifth certification, please add $75 for additional certification testing fee

PTR is the only organization that provides on court training workshops in the United States to help coaches prepare for instructing Adults. The Adult Development Workshop (newly revised for 2015) shows coaches how to teach quality group lessons to beginner and intermediate adults, while still maintaining individual attention within the group environment.

The certification consists of: Recommended four (4) hours of pre workshop preparation from the Study Guide. The on court workshop runs 8 hours. It prepares participants for the three-part certification testing: demonstration of playing and coaching skills administered on court along with a post workshop online written exam submitted within seven (7) days of the workshop.

PTR Certification at the PROFESSIONAL level is a prerequisite for coaches who wish to progress to the PTR Level 3 Adult Development program.

The Elements of the Workshop are:

  • Creating, developing and maintaining an environment within a club/facility that encourages new players to play the game and retain previous adult players
  • Communication, coaching and organization skills with adult players of all levels
  • PTR Instant Tennis and ITF Tennis Xpress
  • Developing quality coaching skills and knowledge for working with adults
  • Lesson structure and content: warm up, games situations, technical and tactical skills along with game and competitive development
  • Developing appropriate competitive formats for adults

Future Coaching Workshops

May 14 - May 15: Houston 11 to 17 Level 1 Certification

June 25-June 26: Houston 10 & Under Level 1 Certification

July 23-July 24: Houston 11 to 17 Level 1 Certification

What is the PTR Certification?

PTR Certification and Education Workshops are the most successful training courses available for tennis teachers and coaches. More than 200 PTR Workshops are conducted on five continents each year.

Workshop participants have varying backgrounds including: tennis teaching professionals, college coaches, middle and high school coaches, professionals making a career change, league tennis players, parents, etc. All workshops are led by specially trained PTR Clinicians.

Many workshop attendees join PTR months before the workshop so they can prepare for certification testing. PTR certification ratings are awarded to those members who pass all parts of the exam.

PTR Certification Pathways