What are you Working on?


The answer to these simple questions should represent 80% of  any development plan that every player should have. Without an understanding of the status-quo (i.e. where you are today) it is impossible to define a roadmap for your way forward and substantiate it with logical steps to help you progress. It is like getting in the car, starting the engine and saying "let's go somewhere". You will move... but you may not like the destination.

The IPD (Integrated Player Development) First Step is a service designed to help players draw a quick map of their status-quo. You get a picture of where you are Tennistically, Physically, and Mentally today with a clear list of criteria which represent your strengths and weaknesses. Based on your ambitions and willingness to work hard, we can then develop a roadmap for you to follow to reinforce strengths and reduce or fix weaknesses.

This evaluation service is FREE with registration to any of our | excellence programs but follows a shorter format.

IPD First Step

Your IPD profile in 90 minutes

90 Minutes. One-on-one.

  1. Player profiling
  2. ATHLETE evaluation
  3. PLAYER evaluation
  4. PERSON evaluation
  5. IPD consolidation
  6. IPD Roadmap discussion with player, parents and coaches

For only $230*, IPD First Step gives you a quantitative snapshot of  where you are today, and a written customized roadmap of key elements (including exercises) you need to work on to realize your ambitions. You also get direct feedback from a pro tour player and coach.

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