The Challenge

Parents are a critical part of the player's support team and can become a great positive (or negative!) component to a player's development. As a parent it is never easy to understand what happens on court emotionally and what to do, what to say and when to step in. This is even truer for parents that do not practice or follow the sport closely. This situation can sometime results in the wrong message (but with the right content) being passed to a player simply because timing was wrong, choice of word was incorrect or because assessment of the emotional status was off. In such cases a potential fear of "what will my parents say if I lose" sets in and this can hinder progress (and fun) considerably.

The Solution

It is important to recognize how tough it can be for a Tennis player and his or her support team to objectively and positively work together through good and bad times. Although Tennis is a duel to the death between two individuals, off the court it is a teamwork effort where everyone has a role to play. Efficient team dynamic (player, parent, coach) becomes key to development, fun and ultimately success.

We are offering classes to help the team - player, parents and coach - discover and learn some of the key concepts and tools to use to establish a healthy performance and player development framework. The online schedule will be published soon, but contact us if you would like to know more asap!