Our | excellence program targets players with a strong desire and ambition to progress supported by a true motivation to work hard. The fuel to personal development comes from within first. The program is founded on our IPD (Integrated Player Development) framework, a unique approach to quantifying where players fit on a measurable scale. The scale combines three core dimensions: player (tennis), athlete (physical) and person (mental) and consolidate results into a score (IPD score) to help define a list of elements contributing positively (strengths) and negatively (weaknesses) to the player development. The objective to the development plan is then to allow the player to address weaknesses and reinforce strengths quantitatively.

The | excellence program runs all year from late August till June. It is then replaced by our | excellence summer program.

Afternoon | excellence


Tennis and Fitness in an afternoon session daily for 5 days a week. The perfect solution for players who go to school in the morning and want to stay on top of their game in the afternoon.

  • IPD Profiling
  • 2h Tennis
  • 1h Fitness
  • Monthly IPD Evaluations*

*: for players registered for a month or more.

Weekly and Monthly Programs

We offer weekly and monthly packages for players who want to train under with our team and under our IPD framework. Full boarding can be provided for the duration of your stay or we can recommend and help you organize local accommodation. The afternoon sessions will follow the | excellence program while the morning sessions can be customized to your needs after we run your IPD profile. Contact us for details.

| excellence + Academics


This full day programs brings Academics and Tennis together for the truly dedicated players on their journey to 10,000h of hard work.


  • Conditioning
  • Tennis (Tactical)
  • 3h Homeschooling*
  • Lunch
  • 1h Fitness/Tennis/**


  • IPD Profiling
  • 3h Tennis
  • 1h Fitness
  • Monthly IPD Evaluations

The homeschooling is complemented by several additional learning modules:

  • a time management and organizational skills development program helps players become more self disciplined and self sufficient in their homeschooling
  • a mental module builds on the player's IPD profile to address areas of development throughout their stay
  • a nutritional module educates players on proper practices to increase and maintain performance ahead and during tournaments

These modules are included in the price of the program.

*: A high-school level teacher is on site to supervise the homeschooling hours and ensure players are guided and supported through their chosen curriculum. HUBER Tennis does not provide schooling but we can recommend available online schooling programs to choose from.

**: Children running behind on academics will be assigned to a 1h homeschooling catch up session.

Registration Information

Registration to the afternoon program is normally on an annual or semester basis. However weekly and monthly options can be discussed for players with personal time-bound requirements. Call us to discuss.

Our full day | excellence and academics program is limited to 10 permanent spots (players registered for a full year or a semester) and 5 floating spots. The floating spots can be used by players who wish to register and participate yet continue to follow their homeschooling program in the morning while being with us. Floating spots can be filled on a weekly or multiple-weeks basis. Call us to discuss.

Full Boarding Option

Full boarding is possible for our | excellence and academics program. The accommodation provided is on site at the ranch and under the constant supervision of Liezel and Tony Huber. Services provided to players include meals, laundry, access to gym and courts. We can board 8 players very comfortably right on site at the academy.

Because the full boarding option relies on a homeschooling program already selected by the player we can begin full boarding at any time throughout the year. The player will join the existing participants in the dedicated academics building in the morning and integrate the | excellence team.