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huberdownloadprogram_iconLiezel and pro WTA coach Tony will be coaching passionate and hard working players all summer. Come and discover the HUBER Integrated Player Development (IPD)approach designed to take you and your game to the next level. The program integrates all components to become a better player, a better athlete and an overall better person. You will work on developing and refining key criteria of your game from tactics and decision making to footwork and agility, attitude and fighting spirit.


1 week
  • 25h Tennis
  • 1h Mental
  • 5h Fitness
  • 1h Nutrition


5 weeks
  • 125h Tennis
  • 5h Mental
  • 25h Fitness
  • 5h Nutrition


10 weeks
  • 250h Tennis
  • 10h Mental
  • 50h Fitness
  • 10h Nutrition

Weekly schedule

From June 6th till August 19th

o 1/2 day programs (morning or afternoon) are available for $190 weekly.

o Drop-ins are possible at $90 per day

o Lunch is provided for the 1, 5 and 10 weeks full time players.

o Indoor activities are planned in case of rain.

Free Personal Evaluation

Players new to the HUBER Tennis approach will receive a free personal evaluation from Liezel and Tony (only if participating in the 1, 5 or 10 week program). This includes a court evaluation sheet covering all aspect of the player profile (technique, stamina, footwork, decision making, ...) and a one on one discussion with player, parents and current coach at the end of the program to agree on specific areas of development and paths to facilitate this development. *Note that the one on one session will be performed on the last day of the program and replace an activity on the schedule. Exact timing will be agreed ahead of time.


1: Jun 6-10

2: Jun 13-17

3: Jun 20-24

4: Jun 27-01

5: Jul 5-8

6: Jul 11-15

7: Jul 18-22

8: Jul 25-29

9: Aug 1-5

10: Aug 8-12

11: Aug 15-19

Quality > Quantity

We value the quality of the coaching given to participants over the number of participants! As such we will end registration to the program at our discretion based on the number of players signed up for the summer PROgram.

Insight into the HUBER...

...Integrated Player Development approach

The HUBER Integrated Player Development framework (IPD) evaluates and develops performance along three critical aspects: Player, Athlete and Person. Balancing those efficiently allows you to increase your overall performance beyond Tennis and technique alone. IPD helps you become better tactically, physically, mentally. You become a better player, a better athlete, and a better person. Results will follow.

Our summer program introduces some of the aspects covered in-depth in our | excellence academy curriculum. New players will go through an evaluation (status-quo) and will be re-evaluated at the end of the program with guidelines and recommendations to help plan further development beyond the summer camp.

| drills are not your typical ball feeding stations. We use a game-based approach to maximize the transfer of skills, both cognitive and motor. 
| battle puts you against top players in fast paced mini matches. These are time bound and use small courts to increase reflexes and develop reaction time.
| vision challenges you on your understanding and dynamic of the game, highlighting and addressing your specific weaknesses and reinforcing your strengths.
 Nutrition and Mental 101. Teaches you the basics of proper athlete nutrition to maximize your performance ahead, during and after tournaments and matches and helps you dig into your inner self to uncover and fix residual attitude and fighting spirit issues, giving you proven pro tricks to ground yourself in the moment before, during and after matches.